PNWPFLAG’s New Website and Blog

Welcome to the new blog, PNWPFLAG. While we are working on a complete re-design (since we’ve come a long way from the old hand-made html sites) we want to let all our readers know that we are truly excited to be launching this site!

We’ve got a lot of friends who write for different blogs, and so we’ve been accumulating a ton of ideas (and darned good advice!) about starting this up.

One of the things me and my friends who are going to be working on with THIS blog is writing, writing, writing. We want to have enough content ready to publish right out of the gate, so that we can keep on a fairly regular release schedule.

Because this is definitely a labor of love for us, we ask that you be patient with us since we’re just getting this off the ground. THANK YOU! We really appreciate all of you. And we are looking forward to loading posts very soon!