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What To Expect

Volcano e-cigs is a company founded in 2009 and majors in production of vaping cigarettes. The company has grown over the years supplying more regions in the world. The popularity of the company comes from its monster Lavatube, the APV and the blending of whims of vapers. The company produces vapes that are friendly to the health of the user. With many products, the company produces the best brands of smoking vaper for every person that used to smoke. The company also manufactures the devices for the vaper brands they produce. Below are some benefits that vapers will enjoy from the Volcano e-cig coupon code 2018 offers.

Some of the products that the company is well known for include the Magma Kit, the Inferno and the Lavatube Kit. The Magma kit is meant for people who are beginners in the world of vaping. It helps you ease into the transition without having to struggle with the side effects from smoking. The kit is customized into several flavors to maximize the impact for the vaper. The Inferno kit is good for people who are already consumers with higher content of clouds nicotine. The Lavatube is the best kit from the company, as it offers many benefits. Each kit has its price, and this gives them different offers on coupon values.

The products the coupons can be used to buy

The companies products accumulate reward points in coupons in every purchase you make from the company. The coupons can allow you to get the products at reduced prices. The number of coupons you get depends on a number of products you have bought. To get the highest number of coupons, you have to buy more products from the company.

The coupons can be used to buy a variety of products from the company. The products include the vaping gadgets and the vaper liquids. The coupon codes can save you up to twenty-five percent of the total price you are supposed to pay. All customers get the equal opportunity to acquire the coupons for redeeming discounts on the products they use from the company.

How to use the coupons

To get coupons from the company, a customer must have an account with the company. The accounts can be created from the website of the company. They make the whole process easy to monitor and manage. When shopping for the first time on the website, you have to give your details for delivery and payment details. With the account in place, each purchase will be giving you coupon points. With time the points accumulate and can be used to buy other products.

The coupons also expire if not used within a certain period. The customer has a limited number of days to use the coupons, and it is good to redeem them on every purchase you are making. After the codes are given, there are instructions on how to use, and the duration the coupons will be valid. Some trading companies have longer periods of time to redeem the coupons compared to others.

When you log on to the site to buy your products, there are areas to enter the codes of the coupons to redeem the discounts. You can choose to enter the codes before browsing through the products and then later get the final prices after the deduction of the coupons is done. You can also get the list of the products first and then enter the codes when you want to make your payments and check out from the site.

The products can be bought from different sites that accept the coupons on the product for Volcano E-cig products. With the codes, you will be able to access the discounts without worries. However, you have to ensure that the sites you approach are genuine dealers of Volcano products.


Vaping requires people to be fully aware of their health and the company will recommend the best brands that have very little impact on your health. The websites make the use of coupons much better than the analog way of printed papers. It also gives you the comfort of shopping from anywhere at any time. Never mind about delivery, as the products are safely delivered to you at your home for convenience.

The Tactics

Smokers are turning to vaping in droves. Many have understood for a while how destructive their habit is and now there is a way out that minimizes withdrawal symptoms. They are taking advantage of this relatively new technology to break free and lead a healthier lifestyle. The shift comes with other benefits including reduced spending for medical care. Given the cost of treatments, this is a big boon for the family. Vapers can also enjoy lower cash outlay compared to smokers thanks to tax perks and promos. We discuss some of the common money-saving tactics among consumers in this product category:

Coupon Codes

Go to your favorite store and check out their latest offers. See if they have any active coupon codes that you can use in your purchases. Some of these may be applicable to all products while others are limited in their scope. If you are not averse to experimentation, these can prove to be excellent tools in your quest to chip away at your expenses. You will no longer have to feel guilty about your hobby because you will be spending considerably less through careful selection and budgeting. Simply enter the coupon codes in the space provided during checkout and the price cut will automatically apply to your order.

Vapor4Life certainly provides its loyal customers with a number of coupons throughout the year. Visit its dedicated page to find out the latest active codes in the store. Remember that these things tend to have a short activation period. Some may only be valid for one special day while others can last for months. There are also coupons that are valid only until the supplies of a specific product lasts. The point is that they will be deactivated sometime in the future so you need to move fast. Drop by at least once a month or sign up for the newsletter to get notified of the latest Vapor4Life coupons.


Another reason to subscribe to the newsletter is that this initial act is often rewarded with its own coupon code as thanks. You can get around 10% off on your next order after signing up. If you are new to the site, then make sure that you do this immediately so that your first purchase can benefit from the rate cut. Beginners may feel a bit uncomfortable taking the first step because of the jargon and the price of the hardware. Concentrate on the starter kits that contain everything you need in a box. You won’t have to think of the technical details. With the coupon, you can also breathe easy with the cost.


One good way to save on your orders is to get things in bulk. You may be able to acquire certain products at wholesale prices if you play it this way. Perhaps you can resell the excess to your friends or simply have them in stock when you need them. E-liquids have a long shelf life anyway. Buying a fairly large amount can also save you more dollars thanks to waived shipping fees. Even retailers offer this to their shoppers. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get this freebie. Sometimes $50 or $75 would be enough to satisfy their condition for local deliveries.

Holiday Sale

Be sure to check the vaping stores whenever there’s a holiday or other special occasions. Online retailers generally use these as opportunities to launch a sale. The nature will differ from one to the other. Some might highlight specific products that fit the event while others will give their shoppers site-wide perks. For instance, Father’s Day may be celebrated with excellent starter kits at reduced prices. This would be the perfect birthday gift for friends and relatives who may be looking for ways to quit smoking. It would at least give them a chance to try things out for themselves.

Launch Promos

When launching a new product, stores will usually offer something extra to entice shoppers to take the plunge. They may bundle it with accessories or e-liquids. They could provide a low introductory price that is hard to pass up. Use these opportunities to try out different things to keep this hobby exciting for longer.


Whether you are looking for a beginner e-cig starter kit or an advanced vaping device, you can save a great deal of money. You can pay half the price with a starter kit coupon code. You can get 10% or even 20% off with Vaporfi coupon August 2017. Before you make any purchase, make sure that you search for a coupon.

Where to Get E-cig Coupons

The best place for finding coupons is online. You should start by visiting the website of an e-cig company. Afterward, you should visit popular e-cig coupon databases. You can also find good e-cig deals on social media and forums. Some magazines usually have e-cig coupons.

Sign Up for Coupon Alerts

You should find a trusted e-cig coupon aggregation website or review website and sign up for the coupon alerts of the site. You should also sign up for the email newsletter of your favorite e-cigarette companies. After you sign up, you will start getting deals and special offers in your inbox, on a regular basis.

Things to Note about E-cig Coupons

1. Expiry date

Each coupon has an expiry date. No promotion runs forever. An expired coupon will not work. That is why you should search for the latest e-cig coupons.

2. Discount limit

A coupon can have a discount limit. You can get a 10% off coupon code but it might only allow you a maximum discount of $15. You need to find out about the discount limit.

3. Location

The location is an important issue to consider. A coupon might only apply to a particular location. That location can be a certain state or country. However, many coupons are not restricted to particular areas.

The Big E-cig Brands Have Coupons

All the big brands in the e-cig industry have coupons. You should shun any brand that does not have coupons. You do not have to pay a big price when you can pay a small price.

1. Vaporfi

This major e-cig brand is offering various e-cig coupons including Vaporfi coupon August 2017. You will find Vaporfi coupons on all vape devices including starter kits, vape mod, and vaporizers. All accessories such as drip tips, tanks, chargers, batteries, and atomizers also have coupons.

When you buy three Vaporfi e-liquid bottles, you will get one bottle free. Vaporfi e-liquids are 100% USA made. They have great taste and are 100% safe. There are over 30,000 flavor varieties. Vaporfi vape juices have food-grade ingredients. They are also consistent and smooth. These juices are user-approved and quality tested.

You will get free shipping if you spend more than $75 on Vaporfi products. To obtain a discount, you have to enter the coupon code when you are checking out.

2. V2

V2 is a top-rated e-cig brand that has coupons. This company usually sells products that offer great value for money. There is free shipping on domestic orders. Common V2 coupons include 10% off coupon.

3. Halo E-cigs

Halo E-cigs is another superior e-cig brand. The G6 starter kit of this company has coupons. Halo E-cigs also sales e-cig accessories at discounted prices.

Enjoy Your Hobby at a Reduced Price

If you vape as a hobby, you do not have to pay a lot of money to enjoy your hobby. That is because of the availability of e-cig coupons and promo codes. Every day, e-cig companies usually add new coupons to the various coupon databases.

Many people consider vaping as a hobby. E-cigarettes have a lifestyle appeal. They are socially appealing and highly safe. In fact, a number of prominent global organizations including World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have published studies that back the safety of e-cigs.

E-cigs appeal to many people because of the availability of an assortment of flavors and the high tech design of e-cigarettes. A subculture of e-cig users is emerging. These people usually attend vape meets and carrying out cool activities like cloud chasing.

The Bottom-Line

Be the smart consumer and save money. You do not have to pay the list price. You can find a coupon that will reduce the price by 10%, 20%, or even 30%. E-cig companies are constantly offering discounts. There are usually daily, weekly, and monthly deals.